Dr. Dena Mendes

Dr. Dena Mendes, author, speaker, certified health coach

Hearing the words, “It’s cancer,” can be a surreal trip for anyone. Entering the world of cancer or any chronic disease can be debilitating.  It’s a ballsy move to look cancer in the face and say, “I’m gonna kick your ass.” That is exactly what I did! I can empathize, as I have been paralyzed by the gripping fear that comes with a diagnosis of a life-threatening disease.  I too, have felt the bottom drop out of my world.  After months of being poked, prodded, and forced every which way by doctors who didn’t seem to care about my opinion; the cancer still spread from my breast to my neck, lungs, bones and brain.  I had enough.  I realized that to kick ass you need to be an advocate and an active participant of your healing process.  Today, I am healthier and stronger than ever, and I am blessed to be able to share that process with so many.  I will help you navigate through your health awakening opportunity with imperative tools, protocols and modalities.


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