Dr. Dena Mendes



When I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2000, I was afraid I was going to die. In fact, the fear was so paralyzing, I was ready to do whatever the doctors told me I needed to do in order to survive. Through my first year of living with the disease I was a victim, succumbing to the will of doctors who didn’t all necessarily know what they were doing. After months of being poked and prodded and forced every which way by doctors, and watching the cancer spread from my breast to my neck to my lungs and beyond, I’d had enough. I learned that you need to be an advocate in your own healthcare process, and it was my own experiences and expertise as a health practitioner that allowed me to kick cancer’s ass. Today, I am healthier and stronger than ever, and I’ve coupled my experiences with cancer and my passion for healing to treat clients in a uniquely effective way.

Each individual is as unique as a fingerprint, and it requires an exploration of the uniqueness of one’s self to discover the the clues to build an intricately woven and optimal lifestyle that will serve for your highest health potential using foods, protocols, modalities and supplements that are essential for your unique set of circumstances. My practices have proven to be eye opening and beneficial for anyone chronic pain, discomfort or degenerative diseases of any kind.