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Dr. Dena Mendes

Dr. Dena Mendes, author, speaker, certified health coachWelcome to Dr. Dena’s Healthy U. This Web site is designed to “Share the Health.” It is a place where people come to find inspiration education and gain a healthy new sense of themselves!

dis-ease affects us both directly and indirectly through the suffering of our loved ones. Each year at least 133 million people, that is one of every two people, will suffer from a variety of chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity or a myriad of new autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Dena is committed to guiding others through their own health awaking opportunities as she inspires you to gain a new sense of thyself. She is effective in her healing protocols and modalities and specializes in targeted apothecary kits to combat any and all disease.

Dr. Dena’s gutsy and effective healing modalities target individual needs.  Her nick name is the “fixer”.

She guides people through their own health awakening process. wether it is cancer, a rare auto immune disease or vaginal care.  Her methods are uniquely intuitively, inspirational and life changing.  

Dr. Dena empowers her patients to gain a new sense of themselves and shows them how to be an active participant of their health care process.

“Each person is as unique as their fingerprint, there is no "one size fits all" way of life.  In my practice I like to piece together each client as pieces of a complex puzzle.

I look at their health history, "from whence they come" meaning, where is their family of origin from?  What is their blood type, their nature, meaning are they yin or yang, strong or weak, how are their kidneys which is the humans jing essence/life force chi (qui) energy?  What climate are they living in, warm or freezing/depleting climate?  Last but not least, what physical and emotional manifestations are they experiencing?  

All of these clues are what we as health detectives must follow to decide what foods/protocols/modalities/supplements are essential for each person.  

health and light

Dr. Dena Mendes

Feminie Care - Vaginal Care

Are you having embarrassing issues that are difficult to discus with even your doctor? Do you suffer from chronic Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), yeast infections, herpes, bacterial vaginosis, HPV, Itching, odor or vaginal discharge?  I have worked with many woman with these problems and more. I am here to tell you there are easy answers that work quickly and effectively. Perk up your sex life by improving the care and maintenance of your vagina. individual consultations available as well as the unique vaginal self help kit Introducing Dr. Dena's lactobacillus vaginal candy!

On line kit coming soon.  Contact Dr. Dena for a personal consultation.

Kicking Cancer’s Ass – Kits

Order one of the kicking cancer's ass apothecary kits today to combat the ravages of chemo, radiation and surgery hell! This imperative kit will help to alleviate the burning pain you feel in your chest, esophageal lining and stomach from chemotherapy and radiation. It also addresses the excruciating foot and leg cramping directly related to the depletion of minerals from chemotherapy regimes. Rehydrate your body add depleted minerals bone marrow and calcium.

Chemotherapy First Aid Apothecary Kit

Radiation First Aid Apothecary Kit

Kick Your Fat's Ass!

Are you tired of all the dieting that never seems to work? Have you struggled your entire life to try to loose that stubborn fat around your abdomen? (Your abdomen is where chemicals store themselves.) What about those saddle bags?

The "Kicking Fat's Ass Kit" is a sure fire why to jump start your sluggish metabolism/ address your stubborn fat areas!  I help you to break your unhealthy addiction to food by enjoying a life style filled with healthy alternative food options. You will enjoy increased energy, more restful sleep and most importantly, a healthier better looking U!  This quick and easy metabolic detox kit includes an easy to follow step by step guide.

On line apothecary kit coming soon. Contact Dr. Dena for a personal consultation until then.

Common Cold and Flu Symptom Relief

This no fail kit works to quickly and effectively fight bacterial and viral infections. When it comes to cold and flu this all encompassing kit alleviates coughing, congestion, fever, aches and chills, sinusitis, nausea as well as sore throat, and yes even strep throat. Limit your down time and cut the duration of the cold and flu symptoms so you can go out and play!

This kit must include a phone consult with Dr. Mendes as to ascertain the exact symptoms of illness to determine the precise protocol.

To learn more about this Apothecary Kit click on Common Cold and Flu Symptom relief.