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Dr. Dena Mendes

Dr. Dena Mendes, author, speaker, certified health coach Do you live with chronic pain, discomfort or degenerative diseases of any kind?

If so, I offer you quick and easy solutions to ridding yourself of disease, losing weight, sleeping better, creating more energy and an overall healthier, happier U!

Here at Dena’s Healthy U, my goal is to help you achieve optimal health.

Contact Dr. Dena today to start your road to optimal health.

Fixing people is my passion. Though over the past 25 years I have had the great privilege to study the healing arts from many gifted and talented healers as well as at a variety of prestigious academic environments, I have been most honored to learn invaluable lessons from each unique client I have served.

People always ask me what I do exactly and what diet will I put them on. My reply is that people are as unique as their fingerprint; that there is no ‘one size fits all’ and that this is not about a diet, it is a carefully and intricately-woven way of life. Your food is your ammunition, your weaponry, and your shield. As such, it must be treated as your first line of defense.

I look at each client as pieces of a complex puzzle including health history, your family’s country of origin, blood type, and your physical nature (meaning are you yin or yang, strong or weak, hot or cold). I look in-depth at what your physical appearance is telling me. In observing your outward appearance I can tell much about the internal organs, for depletion in jing essence/life force chi (qui) energy. I then look at your life style, the current season, and your geography (is it a warm environment or a cold, depleting and more constricting climate). Last but not least, I look at what emotional manifestations are playing a role in your dis-ease.

Together we will act as health detectives; unfolding the clues to build an optimal life style that will serve for your highest health potential using foods/protocols/modalities/supplements that are essential for your unique set of circumstances.

I invite you to become an active participant in your healthcare process and to gain a new sense of thyself as I help to guide you through your own health awakening experience or call 847-909-3362 to make an appointment today.

Health and light


Motivational Speaker

Dena Will Rock Your Audience!

Dr. Dena is a motivational speaker who inspires audiences with her riveting and candid anecdotal stories. Dr. Mendes empowers audiences to grow a new sense of themselves as she guides them through their own health awakening journeys.

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Corporate Wellness

Bring Dena’s Healthy U to the Office

Dr. Dena tailors a personalized corporate wellness program to fit your organization’s needs. This specifically designed Health and Productivity Management program offers an array of tools to fulfill short- and long-term benefits for your company and your employees.

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