How To Cleanse Cancer Causing Toxins From Your Life

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


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So I’m sitting at the airport waiting for a flight…and I notice all around me people are opening packages of Orbit gum, drinking Diet Coke and eating Cup-o-Noodle soup (pure MSG) like it’s 1990… I mean aren’t we in the year 2014?

Are these people from another planet? Don’t they know that the chemicals in these products are filled with toxic, cancer causing chemicals?

I start thinking that these products have chemicals in them that make us too tired to think, creating lemming-like zombies. I certainly can’t imagine that any human with half a brain would be interested in poisoning themselves like this… how could there be a human left on this planet that would want to indulge in…

the artificial sweetener aspartame that is metabolized inside your body into both wood alcohol (a poison) and formaldehyde (which is a carcinogen used as embalming fluid and is not eliminated from your body through the normal waste filtering done by your liver and kidneys)? It’s been linked to birth defects, cancers, brain tumors and weight gain. In addition to potentially causing cancerous growth, aspartame has been linked to up to 92 physical side effects. One study found that when depressed patients were given an aspartame pill, their symptoms of depression worsened or did not improve, even with treatment.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG), is a flavor enhancer that’s known widely as an addition to Chinese food, but that’s actually added to thousands of the foods you and your family regularly eat, especially if you are like most Americans and eat the majority of your food as processed foods or in restaurants.
MSG is one of the worst food additives on the market and is used in canned soups, crackers, meats, salad dressings, frozen dinners and much more. It’s found in your local supermarket and restaurants, in your child’s school cafeteria and, amazingly, even in baby food and infant formula.
MSG is more than just a seasoning like salt and pepper, it actually enhances the flavor of foods, making processed meats and frozen dinners taste fresher and smell better, salad dressings more tasty, and canned foods less tinny.
While MSG’s benefits to the food industry are quite clear, this food additive could be slowly and silently doing major damage to your health.

What is wrong with us? Why would we purposely indulge in this cocktail of disease?

Yet I’m looking around and it’s everywhere, as a matter of fact it’s hard to miss. It’s as if these people have never seen the news, read an article in any magazine these days or how about even seen a talk show lately? Good Morning America has even recently talked about chewing coconut oil as a pulling technique to cleanse the liver! The information is everywhere! It is not hard to find, look at Dr. Mercola for more or Food Babe, two of my favorites.

I don’t know about you, but I am an absolute rebel! If “they” are trying to brainwash me, make me sick, or kill me, I say NO to “their” poison! I won’t go easily, I will go fighting with every last ounce of brain, brawn and breath in my healthy body!

Just say NO to “their” drugs!!!

Check out UltraClear pH Plus and more ways to cleanse these toxins at Dr Dena’s Metagenics Store. 

Health & Light,

Dena Mendes

Let Your Genes Decide Your Diet!

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Every day in my practice, people tell me that it’s “their genes’ fault.” “My father had acid reflux.” “My mother had breast cancer.”


I say you can eat to defeat your poor genes!

Genetic variation makes up a mere 1% of human DNA, but it’s this variation that programs our differences. This would explain why one’s eyes are blue, while another set of eyes are brown.

With the human gene sequence, experts believe that when one cell is out of place, called the SNP (Single nucleotide polymorphism,) imperative information about your chronic disease development can be revealed.

Nutrigenetics expands on this theory by exploring the influence of diet on these cell variations. The goal of Nutrigenetics is to be able to recommend a diet specific to each person’s individualized gene makeup. Nutrients have the power to either activate or silence gene expression.


So often people ask me “What diet is best to follow?” I tell them that each person is as unique as their fingerprint, or there genes, and must make a individualized food plan!

Diet will always lead the way in fixing what ails you; even helping to fix the deadliest of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Here’s the bummer-part of all of this: one person who expresses the Glu27 gene is particularly sensitive to carbohydrates and will become obese when they consume them, while another person who does not express this gene will not have the same effect while stuffing their face with all the bread they can eat. Nothing could be more frustrating than this for our teenage girls.

Another common variation is the APOE gene; a highly-polymorphic gene that plays a role in removing cholesterol from the blood stream. People generally have one of three variations of this gene makeup. However, about 20% of the population carries a variant known as APOE-4 – this polymorphism is associated with elevated cholesterol levels, as well as an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Scientists have shown that people who express this gene should definitely stay away from wine, as it increases risk of vascular disease.

These people also see increased triglycerides with fish oil and respond very well to a diet low in fat. Using this customized gene-information, physicians will be able to cater to a specific nutritional regime around their patients’ genetic makeup.

Now how do we find out what our genes look like, so we can get sense of what the best-fit diet for our particular genealogy is?  Dr. Raymond Rodriguez, PHD, director and professor at the Center of Excellent for Nutritional Genomics in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of California, Davis, says that there are some companies who are actually selling tests that will look at your SNP and give you your risk factors for specific diseases. You then bring those results to a holistic-based doctor, such as myself, who can help develop a personalized way-of-life that helps to prevent, mitigate, or delay the onset of disease – specifically the diseases which you are predisposed to.

Traditionally, the medical professional will focus on illness. It might, instead, be time they focus on the solution rather than the problems. The good news with this gene diet is that it opens up a line of communication between doctor and patient in terms of nutrition, so doctors might one day need to learn more about how foods effect their patients, and subsequently be equipped to advise us on the specific nutrition that would be best for us.

Dr. Dena Mendes

Dr. Dena Mendes, ND is a well-respected public health specialist and personal health advisor, author and motivational speaker. Dr. Mendes is a licensed and certified health coach, breath and qi yoga instructor and holistic chef. Dena is a five-time cancer survivor who bravely combines alternative with traditional therapies.

Dr. Dena Mendes offers a full array of personal wellness services. Dr. Dena can help you establish personal goals, plan meals and even prepare a personalized apothecary kit for you or for your loved ones. For more information, please contact Dena Mendes, or call 847.909.3362 NOW!

How To Fix Your Mold Issue And Strengthen Your Immune System

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Part two of a two-part series.

Eat More Of These Healthy Foods

Garlic, Onions and Greens

Garlic and Onions Help Fix Mold Issues

Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions are great sources of manganese, B6, flavonoids and Vitamin C, which retard viruses and yeast. Garlic is well-known as a healing food and a powerful medicine. It is considered a natural antibiotic, since it contains allicin, which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Garlic and onions can be added to many dishes to enhance flavor and stave off symptoms of mold allergies. It’s extremely important to eat your greens, since they alkalinize the body’s environment. Eating soups, stews and warm heating foods in the winter rather than raw salads and juices will help to avoid dampness in the body. Take more lactobacillus to build gut flora, and eat foods containing pre and probiotics such as yogurt that contains live active cultures, tempeh, Japanese miso, and other fermented foods. Continue Reading »

Allergies And Asthma Can Be Related To Mold

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Part one of a two-part series.

Bread Is A Mold Producing Food

Bread Is A Mold Producing Food

As with any allergy, mold allergies and asthma symptoms are triggered by an overly sensitive immune system response – this is referred to as an autoimmune response disorder. When you inhale tiny airborne-mold spores, your body recognizes them as foreign invaders and can develop allergies – this causes antibodies to fight them.

What came first: the chicken or the egg?

If you have allergies or asthma, did you contract them due to years of unrealized mold allergies?

Do You Have Asthma?

If you have asthma, your asthma symptoms may be triggered by exposure to mold spores. In some people, exposure to certain molds can cause a severe asthma-like attack. After the incident has ended, you still produce antibodies that “remember” this invader… meaning any later contact with the mold causes your immune system to react. This reaction triggers the release of substances, such as histamine, which cause:

Continue Reading »

This Is An X Rated Vagina Story

Monday, June 30th, 2014

The lotus is as sensitive and fragile as our ability to speak openly about “it”. I have been speaking on The Care and Maintenance of The Lotus (vagina) and seeing some amazing transformations. A woman’s ability to speak about this taboo-subject is linked to her ability to heal, both physically and emotionally.

Female Vagina Health

Female Vagina Health

Here are a few tips from my essential guide to the care and maintenance of your lotus:

  • Your mouth is an orifice that is closely connected to that of the vagina – so floss at night before bed, as the acid buildup in your mouth from not flossing can lead to higher acidity in the vagina as well.
  • Kegals are essential as a way to not only improve the elasticity of the vaginal walls, but also to build necessary heat that is needed in our lower burner (lower abdomen).  For woman who are losing their sexual desire, this is a sure-fire way to build sexual heat in the base/sex chakra.
  • Explore thy vessel – don’t be embarrassed to feel, smell and taste what’s going on with your lotus! It is an important barometer, of sorts. Use your finger as a dipstick. If you taste acidic, it means you need to eat more greens and back off of the acidic-causing foods.

Continue Reading »

Healthy, Quick, Easy to Make Rolled Stuffed Chicken Dinner

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

I am Dena Mendes of Denas Healthy U.

Thank you for sharing your health with me and today I’m making rolled stuffed chicken. I’ll try to make it easy and convenient.

So I have someone at the grocery store pound the chicken flat for me so that takes one step away. This is organic air-chilled chicken. I do not cut corners on meat products, ever! It’s either I’m having grass feed, air filled chicken, organic. Continue Reading »

Whippin It Up | Sprouted Brown Rice, Quinioa, Veggie Dish

Friday, June 20th, 2014

I made the most delicious easy healthy sprouted brown rice, Quinioa, veggie dish two nights ago.

Brown Rice Quinioa Veggie Dish Recipe

Brown Rice, Quinioa and Veggie Dish Recipe

Here is the recipe!


  • 1 cup of sprouted grains (I like to mix)
  • leek
  • brocoli, spinach, swiss chard or fresh spring peas are great too!
  • carrots
  • Shitake mushrooms


  • Boil the grains by following directions
  • Sauté leek and any veggies you love in clean good quality organic oil, get creative!
  • Simply add the sautéed mix of organic veggies to the cooked grains


I would like to hear from you if you try this recipe or if you have any healthy recipes to share with my audience. Please use the comment box below…

Heath and light

Dr. Dena

Dr. Dena Mendes

Dr. Dena Mendes is a well-respected public health specialist and personal health advisor, author and motivational speaker. Dr. Mendes is also licensed and certified as a Health Coach, Holistic yoga instructor, Holistic Chef and Pranic healer. Dena is a five-time cancer survivor who bravely combines alternative with traditional therapies.

Dr. Dena Mendes offers a full array of personal wellness services. Dr. Dena shares other favorite dishes with you at Whippin’ It Up In The Kitchen. For more information, please contact Dena Mendes, or call 847.909.3362 NOW!

To Butter Or Not To Butter

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Eat the real thing… pass the butter, please!

Pass The Butter

Eat The Real Thing – Pass The Butter

Margarine was originally manufactured to fatten turkeys. When it killed the turkeys, researchers wanted a payback so they colored the white substance yellow and sold it to people to use as a healthier alternative to butter. They have come out with some clever new flavorings since then.

DO YOU KNOW the difference between margarine and butter?

Both have the same amount of calories. 
Butter is slightly higher in saturated fats at 8 grams; compared to 5 grams for margarine, big deal. Continue Reading »

Speaking At The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

I was honored to attend and share the health with the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life over the weekend at the Highland Park Recreation Center. This benefit was for families whose lives have been touched by cancer. A beautiful display of glowing luminaria was placed across the gym in honor of the loved ones we have all lost.


To watch these teens supporting one another, crying and laughing, as they remembered their mothers, fathers, siblings, and all friends and relatives was as heart-wrenchingly beautiful as it was tearful. Continue Reading »

Acro Yoga is A Beautiful Metaphor for a Healthy Relationship

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

I had the most amazing experience a few weekends ago at Wanderlust! A yoga teacher I had never met asked me if I wanted to fly. Being a cancer survivor and open to trying everything at least once, I emphatically shook my head yes! I immediately related the experience and language he spoke to a relationship.

This video shares with us the depth and the beauty of Acro Yoga.

Acro yoga was so metaphorically inline with what I would like to experience as strong supportive healthy relationships in my life. In my case, the yoga teacher acted as the “base,” as he carefully guided me with verbal cues and body language into an easy pose at first so I could get my bearings. He did not rush me, or make me feel inadequate when I didn’t fully understand his language and couldn’t immediately get a sense of his grip. He was patient, strong and kind. I felt safe and secure in his hold. Continue Reading »