Lung Cancer

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
Thank you for an inspiring book.My husband, Dylan has been diagnosed of stage 4 inoperable,infiltrating, metastatic lung cancer with secondaries to mediastinum and lymphnodes.He had resection of the left lung and has received chemotherapy and radiation from May 2011-December 2011.He was disease free in January 2012.In May an X ray was done, he has a recurrance.We are currently following the guides in the book.Is there anything that is more specific for lung that we can do
Thank you for reaching out. …Your husband is certainly going through a health awakening journey…make no mistake about it, when someone in our lives is called to action it is for us and everyone around them to wake up and evolve.  The physical stuff is typically easy, more greens = alkalinity. Less wheat/gluten, dairy, sugar, junk = less acidity thereby creating a healthier terrain/garden that will flourish with perfect health.

It’s when we must look at the emotional component that exists in the presence of every dis-ease that things get tricky.

The emotion that relates to lung is deep grief. When a person is assembling all the pieces of the puzzle together so that they may become more aware they must literally rip them selves open in the process so that they can step outside of the old physical and emotional patterning into a bright new healthy day!

My advice is to go full steam ahead as you take on this health awakening challenge in every way, change physically, mentally, emotionally and you shall transform for this plane or the next.