Back pain, fibrocystic breasts, bronchitis, sinus infections, pap smears, hysterectomies, oh and lets not forget frenectomies.
What do all of these things have in common? Doctors are finding that the over active scanning, testing and treatment process for these issues and many more must be reassessed.

Dr Nortin, M. Hadler, M.D., says that doctors who are leery of malpractice suits use what is called “defensive medicine” just in case to cover their bases. Also Tests are a lucrative practice. Lets not forget that spoiled demanding patients are to blame as well. Don’t we all want action and results immediately? Patients today have no patience; as we demand prescriptions, testing, blood work, referrals or a combo platter. We most certainly do not want a wait and see approach and certainly not a natural approach that might take weeks or even months longer to correct the issue that took years to develop.

Many Doctors are Pushing back and suggesting fewer scans, antibiotics, treatments and procedures that may not help in the long run. Back surgeries are a perfect example. How many people do you know who have been shot up with steroid injections or endured painful and expensive back surgeries only to find little or no relief?

The natural approach to bone, joint and back pain, which is all about inflammation would be changing to an anti-inflammatory way of life as well as building up the core strength and the use of a natural anti-inflammatory supplement regime such as EPA DHA and Ultra Inflamex

Dental X Rays are just as bad, do we really need X ray’s once a year? Although the amount of radiation is low the rule of thumb is that children should get x-rays once or twice a year, I opted for the two to three time a year plan. I mean honestly what is going to happen. My 15 year old has only had x-rays three or four times in his lifetime and guess what? His teeth are just fine. Don’t forget to ask for the throat/thyroid guard for you and your children.

Doctors latest rule of thumb on mammography is starting at age 50 then every other year after that. I prefer thermography, no radiation at all. In the book A Survivors Guide to Kicking Cancers Ass, I devote an entire chapter to scans and how they have been over-prescribed. I am happy to see that doctors across the board are starting to agree with this line of reasoning.
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Even yearly pap smears are a thing of the past. The newest thinking is that cervical cancer takes ten to 20 years to develop so pap every three years works just as well.

My all time favorite, which I touched on in my last newsletter, is the desperate need we still have to reach for the antibiotic as soon as we cant rid ourselves of a common cold, flu, and sinus infection in a matter of two to three days. It’s ok to be sick! As a matter of fact it is quite good for us, helps to build our depleted immune systems. About 1 in 5 antibiotic scripts is actually given to treat sinusitis, doctors are pretty much throwing in the towel in on this one and all agreeing that antibiotics DO NOT HELP!!! Medical professionals say this, “ they only seem like they help because people start to clear up on their own accord during the time they are taking the prescribed antibiotic.” Much better for this is the concoction I created, the recipe is on youtube.
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CT Scans and MRI’s are a medical miracle and can absolutely save lives in emergency situations, for example in the case of appendicitis or a broken bone. Over the past 15 years the use of these scans have tripled which means we have been exposed to twice as much radiation as we were in the 90’s. A CT scan can blast radiation equivalent to up to 70 standard x-rays at once.

Scans should be used for more urgent situations says the Choose Wisely Panel. To explore milder conditions such as sinus, fainting spells, headaches or any non-specific abdominal pain, start with ultra sounds, which use no radiation. If your Child is being examined demand a child sized dose of radiation, do not let them tell you this does not exists, it absolutely does and I demand that for myself, as I am a small adult.

This is exactly what the Choose Wisely Panel says: USE YOUR VOICE and ASK FOR YOUR NEEDS TOP BE MET!

The overall consensus by natural doctors and regulars is truly less is more!

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