Dr. Dena Mendes is a well-respected public health specialist and advisor. She is a cancer survivor who bravely combines alternative and traditional therapies. She has heroically been kicking breast, bone, lung and brain cancers ass for over a decade. Her journey to not just great feeling but great looking health is due to her holistic way of life and her ballsy attitude!

Dena has taken her health awakening opportunity and turned it into a gift to share with others.

Dr. Dena Mendes

Dr. Dena Mendes

Over the years, Dr. Dena has integrated and woven together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of holistic health into a life force that has served her well.

Through her books, motivational speaking engagements, media appearances and cooking demonstrations she is committed to guiding others through their own health awakening experience!

Dena shares the health with her first book, The Wellness Cookbook for a Healthy U, in which she shows how to make quick, easy and absolutely delicious recipes with U. Her acclaimed book is available nationwide at Whole Foods, A Survivors Guide to Kicking Cancer’s Ass, published by Hay House. Dr. Dena is busy these days finishing her most recent book, Kicking Cancer’s Butt for Kids; It’s a Family Book Where Kids Come First. Available in 2014.

Dr. Dena is available for personal consultations, corporate wellness programs, as well as, serving as your next motivational speaker.

People have come to trust Dr. Dena as an intuitive healer as she sparks a deep cord and yearning to transform one self. She not only inspires, she empowers her clients with an arsenal of tools to take action.

Dena in yoga pose

Dena in yoga pose

Not only does Dr. Dena create personal health protocols for her clients, she also creates optimal corporate health programs.

In Dr. Dena’s motivational programs she engages audiences into the web of medical mysteries so that they may take action to develop their own intuitive prowess.

Dr. Dena created a nationwide educational program, The Food Detectives, for K-12 schools, which encourages children to make informed nutritional choices.

Dena is also licensed and certified as a Health Coach, Holistic yoga instructor, Holistic Chef and Pranic healer.Dr. Mendes received her degree in broadcast journalism and public health from Arizona State University, has attended prestigious alternative health programs at Harvard and Northwestern Universities and holds a Doctor of Naturopathy degree.

Most recently Dr. Dena has been expanding her practice to LA and is working on new Qi (chi) moving modalities to help expedite physical and emotional healing for her clients.


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