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I have never seen such amazing results as I have with these two products!

Its such a simple equation its, every organ rules a body part therefore we must strengthen the organ that rules hair! The liver, for example, rules our skin and eyes, makes sense right? when we are detoxing, toxins express through the largest organ in the body, the skin, we typically break out in a rash which is actually an inflammatory response. this is the way our liver is able to discharge toxins.

I know what you are impatiently waiting to hear which organ rules the hair…..The kidney! yes kidney rules hair, throat and ears. I have fixed many people with inner ear trouble such as vertigo and tinnitus as those weaknesses stem from kidney depletion.

I have helped many men and woman tonify what is known as the kidney yin and yang essence thereby regrowing a beautiful thick head of hair.

Here is what one of my clients had to say after starting the protocol I recommended for her, she is now wearing a long flowing pony tail with full thicker hair!

My name is Stephanie and I began my vegetarian journey when I was
18 years old. Looking back, I guess I was not a very healthy vegetarian. I cut
out meat but ate tons of carbohydrates and sugars. I also plenty of fruits and
vegetables but could not supplement enough protein to sustain this lifestyle. I did not have a great sense of myself in those days so I had no idea I was depleted in protein. when I started working with Dean she was like a detective and started asking me questions of my childhood. Interestingly I had chronic strep throat as a young girl which haunted me throughout my college years. Dena taught me that throat and hair are connected as they are both ruled by kidney adrenals, no wonder I was loosing all my hair.

By 35, I could tell my hair was breaking off on top of my head. Not
knowing what was causing this, I maintained a vegetarian diet and continued to
deplete my protein levels. When I turned 40, many changes happened. Among
the most important to mention is that I met Dr. Dena Mendes.

By doing as she suggested and cleaning up my diet,she taught me, “what we put in we must alwasy get out.” my whole life changed.

She took me off of anything that turned to sugar in my body as that would deplete my kidneys even more. She also put me on a digestive enzyme to help my body absorb as
many nutrients as possible.

The second thing was to begin eating organic, grass fed, real protein, a
real biggie for me! It took me several years to begin eating a healthy amount of
protein. Last, but certainly not least, Dena began giving me vitamins to support me and my specific needs. this was not a one size fits all approach at all.

Now, at 48, my hair is noticeably longer, thicker, healthier and not breaking off.Dr. Dena’s diet and vitamin recommendations are single-handedly healing me and my family. Recently when my daughter got strep throat Dr. Dean made a house call and with NO antibiotics she fixed her in three days…this is so great as my daughter will go to college soon and she was able to build her immunity against the possible onslaught of chronic college illness she would of been up against.
Thank you Dr. Dena

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