A full array of services, from helping you establish personal goals to planning your meals to preparing a personalized apothecary kit.

Dr. Dena's Personal Wellness Programs

At Dena’s Healthy U our goal is to help you achieve optimal health.

Do you live with chronic pain, discomfort or degenerative diseases of any kind?  Dena’s Healthy U offers quick, easy and alternative solutions to healing yourself of disease, losing weight, sleeping better, creating more energy and an overall healthier happier U!  We will help you set goals and create a plan to achieve optimal health. Dr. Dena holds your hand through each step so you cannot fail! 

Getting started on your journey to perfect health

The Great Discovery: 

Dr. Dena visits your home or office to discuss the possibilities of perfect health for you, your family or corporation.

This initial visit includes an in-depth interview and assessment of your current overall health. At this point, Dr. Dena shares resources with you in terms of professionals you might consider seeing as a necessary part of your total wellness program.

Dr. Dena will complete a kitchen detox by examining your pantry and refrigerator to help ascertain your favorite foods then finds you the best tasting, highest quality healthy alternative foods and snacks you and your family will absolutely love! She then creates an easy and attainable protocol to help you realize your highest optimal health potential!

lightlogoShine the Light:

An eye-opening trip

“Your food is always the first line of defense, it is your ammunition, your weaponry, you wouldn’t go into battle without a gun would you?” Dr. Dena reminds you, this is not about a diet, it is about a way of life! Dr. Dena takes you on an educational excursion to her favorite organic food stores, where you will learn about the wonderful world of healthy alternatives.

As you shop and eat along the way, she teaches you how and why these selections will benefit you – and how they will help change your health problems. You will lean tools that will empower you, such as reading ingredient labels and much more!

knifeforkSweet Sensation:

Whipping it up in the kitchen

Healthy food tastes great! You will not suffer as if you are on some deprivation diet. Dr. Dena will come to your home to teach you how to prepare exciting, healthy, easy and most importantly quick dishes that will leave you satiated and wanting more. This is an interactive experience for you and your whole family!


Maintaining the Gift:

“Give a man a fish he will starve, teach a man to fish he will live a healthy life forever!”

Dr. Dena offers self-sufficiency. She is always available as a resource to you and is happy to answer any questions you have as you begin your journey to health, healing and balance. She will share resources along the way such as books, websites, CDs, alternative doctors and therapies to support your well being and continued growth.

heart iconLiving in Perfect Health:

CULinary medicine: this is the best part!

Within a few days you will begin to feel the benefits of your new lifestyle. You will see positive changes in your weight, skin, mood, focus, productivity and sleep. Many of the aches and pains and medical issues you might have had will be greatly reduced or gone. People are always shocked at the tremendous shifts that occur in their bodies!

Just remember that change is personal…. some choose to move quickly and others prefer baby steps. The key is taking the first step towards having a better sense of yourself and creating optimal health in your life!

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every family is busy- dr. dena will connect you with the right professionals.

Dr. Dena is a great resource and will connect you with anything you may need to reach your highest health potential, whether it’s meal delivery service, lymphatic drainage, natural skin products or the best colin-hydro therapist, Dena has researched for over 25 years to put together her dream team of experts. You can look forward to deliciously fresh meals that are nutritious and designed with your health in mind, delivered right to your door or the best of the best alternative practitioners in every field of expertise to service your specific health needs!

Apothecary Kit Building:thy200200

I have seen ALTERNATIVEs work in every situation.

“The ability to help others heal physically, emotionally and spiritually is a humbling gift. I’m truly grateful I am able to guide and assist people through their health awakenings. I have seen alternatives work in every situation, from the simplest of health-related situations to perplexing conditions beyond the scope of traditional medicine. It is always a beautiful thing to me when people who have suffered for so long are able gain a deeper sense of themselves and make that metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly!”

justuHealthy U Immersion:

come spend 3-5 days in all forms of healing thyself!

  • Shopping, cooking, and gaining a new sense of yourself as you experience all manner of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional remedies, protocols and modalities to aide in your health awakening opportunity.
  • Food- as a way of life and your first line of defense in healing!
  • Introduction to Physical and emotional remedies and modalities- supplements, yoga, meditation, qui gong, prayer, acupuncture, kinesiology and much more.
  • Detoxification- Colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, coffee enemas.


Dear Dena -

Thank you so much for everything you have done and will do for my sister. She returned from Chicago exhilarated and determined — the tone in her voice made my day! You did exactly what you promised — gave her ways to take control and take care of herself, which is all anyone under any circumstances can do. None of us in her family or circle of friends could do what you did; as much as we love her, we are just not equipped. I hope that you will stay in touch with her, as I’m sure she will have ups and downs.

With gratitude, admiration, and appreciation — Claudia Poster

PS My favorite part of her story about the trip was swapping her big heavy showy Chanel bag for the lightweight backpack!!”

Dr. Dena-

Our whole family participated in Dr. Dena’s immersion.  Dena changed the way we look at my husbands’ pancreatic cancer diagnosis; we now see something as scary as cancer, as a health awaking opportunity for the whole family Dena shared invaluable information while making it not only comfortable but actually fun.  She exposed us to things we had never seen or done before, like colon hydrotherapy, coffee enemas healthy alternative delicious food options, Qui Gong, yoga as well as acupuncture, lymph drainage and so much more.  Dena taught us to not only address the physical manifestation of cancer but the emotional pieces as well, putting it all together like a big puzzle.

My husband is in better health than before his diagnosis.  We have done everything that was suggested by Dena and her book! We have all experienced optimum results.  The doctors are in awe of my husband’s health. The scans prove that her knowledge and expertise really do work!

It is well worth the time for anyone to complete the immersion process, she is amazing and her knowledge is a gift  —

The Leach family

Contact Dr. Dena Today! Email dena@denashealthyu.com or call 847.909.3362



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