My 18 year-old daughter woke up on Monday morning with a sore throat. She insisted on going to school, just thinking it would go away. By night she could not swallow and had a fever. On Tuesday, we went to the traditional doctor to find out she had strep throat. Dena went immediately into action!

Dena determined that antibiotics should not be used. Next year, my daughter is going to college and, if treated with antibiotics, the bacterial infection would for sure come back next year. It might even continue to come back — issues like strep throat stem from eating too much sugar and not getting enough sleep. Sounds like college all over again!

The first protocol that Dena had her on was this: Oregano Oil, Emergen-C, Cherry Bark Syrup and Sambucus (Elderberry). She added a natural antibiotic with another vitamin that brings the fire out of the throat and moves it toward the belly for healing. Lots of warm liquids and lots of rest was all. Garlic was another ingredient that is anti-fungal and anti-infectious that when put directly on the throat begins to heal.

It took 24 hours for the fever to break. By Thursday, the fever was gone and her throat was better. Dena massaged her body, working on all the weakened kidney areas. By Saturday, she was a bit tired but had no pain and no fever. We kept her on the 4 doses a day for a week and a half. By the second week, we had stopped everything except Emergen-C and Oregano Oil, administered once a day along with a maintenance vitamin to boost her immune system.

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