Corporate Wellness


Bring Dena’s Healthy U to the Office

Dena can help your company can become an active participant in Healthy People 2010, an important national health initiative to improve the health of all Americans. The objective is to have at least three-fourths of the nation’s employers offering some type of Corporate Wellness Program, with at least three-fourths of their employees participating.

Think of the program Dena can tailor to your organization as a specifically designed Health and Productivity Management Tool – with an array of short- and long-term benefits for your company and your employees.

At the same time, Dena will dispel the frequent misconception that only large corporations can afford to sponsor wellness programs for their employees.

Dr. Dena's Corporate Wellness Programs

Dena’s can construct an effective and cost-effective wellness program for your organization to:

  • deliver big dividends to your employees
  • help boost their productivity and
  • enhance the company’s visibility as a concerned and socially-conscious employer.

You can call upon Dena’s Healthy U to:

  • provide motivating, educational “Lunch and Learn” presentations to your employees about making healthy food choices at work and at home
  • work with groups to expand personal awareness of such health risks as high blood pressure, obesity and smoking
  • counsel individual employees on a confidential, one-to-one basis to reduce stress, exercise regularly and set and achieve other health-related personal goals.